Minkiverse Overview

Welcome! On a clear day you can see the whole Minkiverse from here! This is the system map and guide to Simon Phipps' web sites and other online presence. Who?

  • Standards & Policy director at the Open Source Initiative, and former board  director & President
  • Former Chief Open Source Officer at Sun Microsystems (first OSPO)
  • Former co-founder, IBM Java Technology Centre

Online Presences


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  • On Matrix I am @webmink:matrix.org
  • If you know my UK mobile number you can message me on Signal (or Telegram if you must)
  • I have a load of legacy accounts! UUCP and Compuserve no longer work but most others sort-of do.
  • I avoid Microsoft and Meta's products as far as I can while remaining normal. Please don't contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Threads, Skype or LinkedIn even if you can find my legacy accounts.
  • If all else fails, there is a contact form you can use to get in touch.

Current Affiliations

In no particular order as of  1 January 2024 (* = compensated roles):