The Highest Point

Welcome! On a clear day you can see the whole Minkiverse from here! This is the system map and guide to Simon Phipps' web sites and other online presence.


Subscribe to any of these with any ActivityPub-compatible software such as Mastodon, Pleroma, PixelFed etc.




  • On Matrix I am
  • If you know my UK mobile number you can message me on Signal or Telegram
  • I have a load of legacy accounts! UUCP and Compuserve no longer work but most others sort-of do.
  • I avoid Microsoft and Meta's products as far as I can while remaining normal. Please don't contact me on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Skype or LinkedIn even if you can find my legacy accounts.
  • If all else fails, there is a contact form.


If you appreciated something I posted, or want to support the turtle carrying this heavy load, you can: